Day 1: It was a wet one

Wednesday morning at around 6:30 am we left my house and drove up to Amicalola Falls Visitor Center to sign in with the ATC. After that we drove up to Springer Mountain and hiked .9miles up to the summit and the southern terminus of the trail. My dad and I set out from the parking lot after saying bye to mom and Gigee around 11:30. We had planned on hiking 15.1 miles to the Gooch Mountain Shelter but quickly re-evaluated that. From the moment we parked at Springer until around 3am on Thursday it was steadily raining. We got tired of it very quickly and were ready to dry off. Long story short, it rained, everything got wet, it rained more. We ended up calling it a day at Hawk Mountain Shelter for a total of 9.6 miles on the day including the initial hike up Springer. Met a few people. All conversation centering around what a terrible day it was on trail and how wet everything was. We crawled into sleeping bags and crashed for the night around 7. My body definitely isn’t used to this early to sleep early to rise thing so I could use some prayers for that! Other than wet and cold, I had an awesome Day 1. I am blessed just to be out here and even though I know it is going to be the hardest most demanding thing I’ve ever done, I couldn’t be more excited for Day 2. Even though it’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow as well. Oh well.


3 thoughts on “Day 1: It was a wet one

  1. How blessed I am to have shared part of this first day with you and to watch you set off on this epic journey. Even though wet and cold, you warmed my heart!!!! So glad your Dad is with you for the first five days. See you next week in NC!!!!! Love you!!!!! Gigee xoxox

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  2. Congratulations Kyle on your first day! We are so excited for you! My kids (ages 8 and 10) are talking about you to their friends and following you every day. 🙂 God Bless and keep safe!! – Kara Wray

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    • Hi there!! I hope that your kids are enjoying reading along! Its so awesome to know that I have some influence!! Tell them I think they are rock stars and I,ll do an extra mile for them tomorrow! CFA family is always the best support system! Miss all of my East Lake Family!


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