Updates since Sunday

Sunday Funday! On what should be a day of rest day we (Mush, Gandalf, Mumbles, Toasty Toes and Myself) did 20! Putting the smokies behind us and moving on towards happier trails with less ice! An 18.4 mile average through the smokies feels really good 🙂

Probably going to take it easy for a bit to make sure I don’t go too crazy. I definitely have been taking my time though. I spend almost no time in the shelters except to eat lunch and dinner and sleep. Other than that I try to stay out in the wilderness and try to soak up as much of this experience as I can.

On Monday we set off with big plans and that all changed when we spent wayyy too long at a hiker hostel for our resupply. It was fun to meet new people and just relax. For a bit. We stopped at the first shelter after the smokies for a 10.5 mile day.Planning for 23 tomorrow then a short walk into Hot Springs for a Nero and then back on trail on Thursday Morning.

Tuesday was a long 23 mile day with some snow at the end. We did Max Patch which is a super cool Bald on the trail and then took our time. I’ve been hiking with some really awesome people and I’m feeling much more comfortable on trail in this new life than I was early on.

Wednesday we walked 3 miles and were in hot springs. We’ve been her for a day now and it’s been amazing. The diner in hot springs specializes in hiker sized meals and I have been there twice and once to the local tavern for a huge burger. Showers are amazing and so are the people we are hanging out with at the hostel. The WiFi has been basically non existent but it’s been ok because I have such great company I don’t ever need my phone. I’m taking a bit of time today to myself so that I can decompress a bit. Sitting in the library using a computer is nice but it feels weird to not be on trail. Our group is waiting for a buddy to get his new shoes in the mail and if they come in today we may leave depending on the time but I’m kinda excited to maybe just take a full zero and maybe hit the actual hot springs with some friends.

You learn out here real quick that plans are never set in stone and them at you should always be ready to adapt!

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