It’s Been A Month – Stats for March

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Holt’s House.  I will get to see the list of donors this week and start making my thank you videos.  If you are new to my blog and reading this for the first time, check out my Holt’s House tab and learn all about this great place and why I am walking to fund their learning center.  If you donate, I will make you a personal thank you video while I am walking on the trail so you can share in my journey!

Day 32 – 3-31  Today marks the end of another month on the trail.  The end of my first full month on the trail.  I have been out 32 total days and covered 400 miles.  Seems like a huge accomplishment already.  So here’s some stats for my hike so far…

Nights in a tent = 11

Nights in a shelter = 11

Nights in a hostel = 6

Nights in a house = 4 (Thanks Nana and Mr. Smith)

Days hiking in rain = 6

Days hiking in snow = 10

20+ mile days = 6

30+ mile days = 0

Zero days = 3

Showers taken = 13

Bears seen = 0 – and let’s keep is that way!

Total miles on trail = 400!

Grid February and March

And here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come…

Monday night – sleeping at mile 450

Tuesday – completing my 2nd and 3rd states.  North Carolina and Tennessee make up 384.7 miles of the AT.  I will be done and walk across the state line and into Virginia.  Together with a sliver of West Virginia, Virginia spans 554.1 miles, the longest state on the trail.  It is a state without severe elevations changes like what I have been hiking in.  This makes hiking bigger miles and covering more ground possible.

Thursday – My Mom, Dad, and sister, Skyler, are coming to visit me.  I will still hike Thursday and Friday but get to stay in a hotel and see them.  I am hoping that while they are here and I take Saturday off, I can update my days on trail, tell you about some fun adventures and share some great pictures.

Thank you for all the support!!!

One thought on “It’s Been A Month – Stats for March

  1. Three states down almost!!! I know you’lol enjoy the more hiker-friendly terrain of Virginia. Even though it goes in forever! When I drive it, it lasts such a long time….can’t imagine walking it!!!! Have fun with Mom, Dad and Skyler!!!! See you in a few weeks🤗. Love you❤️❤️❤️

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