It’s Been a Minute!

Hey everyone!! Sorry it’s been a while!

Since March 23 I have finished my 3rd State, started my 4th, stayed at a few hostels and made some really incredible friends.

I want to go ahead and thank everyone that has been involved in helping me raise funds for Holt’s House of Hope. It’s such an amazing ministry and it’s incredible that we are able to assist them in such an awesome new part of their community.

The amount of support that I have received on this journey has far surpassed anything I expected and I am beyond grateful for everyone walking in this journey with me so far!

Instead of trying to write a really long blog post I am just going to promise that I will post more often from now on! For the past two weeks, I will just post a ton of pictures and tell you a few cool things!

-About 3 days before Easter I got off trail and was treated to some incredible views, incredible food and absolutely amazing company when the Smith’s hosted me. It was such an amazing two days and I pretty much fell in love with that section of the trail. It was some of the best views, the most incredible weather and just all around an amazing few days of hiking and spending time with friends!

-About a week ago I was walking on trail in Tennessee and a small brown dog started following me. I thought this was pretty funny and the dog had a collar and seemed pretty well behaved. So this turned from something cool into something pretty frustrating because the dog absolutely refused to stop following me. He ended up hiking with me for about 13 miles and seemed like he had no intentions of leaving my side. So at this point my two options were, leave the dog or find it’s owner. Obviously I decided to find its owner but this proved much more difficult than I expected. All I had was the phone number on his collar and absolutely no cell service. So to fix this I had to walk 4 miles off trail down a mountain road till a guy on his way to work offered me a ride and to pay for my lunch. He then took me to Bobs Dairyland and I made a call and found the dog’s owner, the next part of this journey was trying to get back to trail! After all of the commotion this dog and I caused at Bob’s Dairyland, one of the customers offered to take me back to the trail after picking up her husband from a section hike he was on. So after all of that I had walked about 27 miles on trail and about 5 miles off trail. It was a long day and I definitely slept really well that night!

-Lastly, this past weekend, I was treated to 2 days in a hotel and a slack pack day with a ton of ponies when my family came up to Atkins, Va. It ended up snowing the days that I was off trail so it worked perfectly. Spending time with them was the absolute best thing for me and it has definitely helped me mentally prepare for the next 500 miles in Virginia. The next thing to look forward to is a night with Gigee when she drives up to Maine in about 2 weeks.

Alright! That about does it for my updates about the last few weeks!! I will try to blog a bunch here in the next few!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Minute!

  1. Que gusto me da leer tus aventuras llenas de bendiciones, eres fantástico! Sigue adelante, disfrutando esas pinturas únicas de la mano de Nuestro Gran Dios, que lindo pinta!! y aun seguirás viendo y sientiendo Su Presencia en tu caminar, de esta experiencia saldrá un joven bien agradecido a Dios y a la vida. Keep going God bless you


  2. Kyle, these are some remarkable pictures. The one looking through the tree knot hole shows real photographic talent!! I love that you’re seeing and experiencing all this beauty. Complete with ponies and your dog buddy. One question… did you get your mouth around that burger???? Too funny!!! See you soon! Don’t know if I can top the skyscraper burger, but we’ll try🤣


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