Am I almost done with Virginia?

No. I’m not even close.😂

This past week has been full of new adventures, from shuttles to torrential downpours. Virginia has already proven that it’s going to be the toughest state mentally by far. Something about more than 500 miles in one state is just extremely disheartening. It’s hard to feel like I’m gaining any ground because I still have so much more of Virginia left, and I’ve only been here for a week. Terrain-wise Virginia has been very nice. Most of the trail in Virginia is on top of the ridge, this means that there aren’t many big climbs anymore which is really nice but at the same time there is hardly any water. The shelters are usually the best bet for water. So far I’ve also seen the most section hikers on trail so far in Virginia.

Trail life is honestly really fun and my day usually consists of waking up when it gets too bright to sleep. Then I eat a small breakfast usually oatmeal or a power bar or some morning just some candy. After I break down camp and get back on trail I usually don’t stop again till I’ve done about 8 miles. Then I’ll have a snack and fill up my water bottle if there is a source where I stopped. Most days I listen to a lot of music and a little bit of an audiobook and then there are plenty of times that I just walk with nothing on, it’s nice to fully escape from the real world for a bit.

I was talking to my roommate back at home and we both agreed that becoming slightly introverted isn’t the worst thing in the world!

This past week I’ve stayed in two different hostels, Woods Hole Hostel and Holy Family Hostel.

Woods Hole was incredibly fun and just an altogether different experience. The owners of Woods Hole have put a ton of work into updating the facilities at the hostel while still maintaining the incredible quirky atmosphere and the eclectic style that they are known for. Most nights at Woods Hole there is a family style dinner which everyone is invited to. It is such amazing homemade food and everyone just hangs out and eats for like an hour and a half. Woods Hole is where I waited out the absolute deluge that hit us on Sunday night. It’s also where I woke up on Monday and looked out the window to see that it was dumping snow. The weather sure has been weird this year.

After my stay at Woods Hole, I made it to Pearisburg to pick up a food resupply and that is when I stayed at the Holy Family Hostel. At most of these places there is a staff that works there. This hostel is donation based and doesn’t have a staff other than a church member that takes care of the facilities. So yesterday I actually helped them fix the hot water heater and in return I didn’t have to give a donation. The hot shower was worth the work!

Now it is on to Daleville!

5 thoughts on “Am I almost done with Virginia?

  1. I hope spring weather (without the rain) will be with you soon. It is snowing again today here in Iowa. We have had several snow events so far in April. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you quickly say goodbye to Virginia. Love from Nana


  2. Praying for spring weather for you!!! I’m sure you are tired of cold, snow, cold rain, etc etc etc!!! I truly hope you have someone with you when you get to McAfee Knob….that most famous of AT photo ops. You just have to get a picture of you standing up there on that rock outcropping!!!

    Love the pictures you send!

    Can’t wait to see you in 5 days!!!!!

    Love you!!!


  3. Loving the gorgeous pictures and the updates, Kyle!
    YOU’RE DOING IT (even if VA seems never-ending)! Every step you take – with or without a dog😉- you’re doing it!!
    Keep up the good work. We’re all very proud of you back home in GA. 🤗


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