Safest Sign on Trail

A quick update, this is a sign I saw about 3 days after posting this picture. The crown has been past to these three signs.

For some hilarious reason the AT signs in this part of Virginia have become more and more secure. This one is absolutely the most secure. You mind as well pull the whole post out of the ground.

It has a total of 22 nails holding it to the wood. If that isn’t overkill I don’t know what is.

This is going to be stereotypical but I would bet any amount of money that this sign was put up by the same kind of guy that when he has finished wrapping a Christmas Christmas present decides that it isn’t secure enough so he adds another piece of tape, and another, and another, till he realizes that he has used the whole role of tape on accident.

One thought on “Safest Sign on Trail

  1. Too funny! But your description of the guy wrapping a present using a whole roll of tape…..that would be your Papa. I used to tease him about how much tape he used!!!! Looks like a pretty day there. Raining again here!!!! Be safe!!!! Xoxox


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