I’m Back to “I’ll Be Back In 5…”

I am back on trail as of today!!  I’m starting in Carlisle, PA and heading north as fast as I can walk with Mt. Katahdin in my sights – not literally – but that’s where I am headed.  Please see all the details on “My Progress” page of my wonderful and adventure filled time off the trail May 27th until today.  I ask for your prayers as I head north.  I have 1,060 miles to go and the entire way until I am within 100 miles of the finish will be without visitors or interruptions.  That’s way different than how I hiked the first half of the trail.    I’m excited to start again and blog more.  I am going to post about Holt’s House in just a minute so stand by…

3 thoughts on “I’m Back to “I’ll Be Back In 5…”

  1. The northeast should be beautiful right now! Praying for you to stay motivated, energized and strengthened as you continue on your journey! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!


  2. You will be finished before you know it (or not?). At any rate you are to be commended for your efforts and encouraged as you start the downhill half. Love from Nana


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