Bittersweet Update

Sorry for going dark for the last two weeks. A lot has changed in the time since I last posted and I hope that I can bring you up to speed on everything in this post.

I’ll get the bitter part out of the way first. Shortly after getting back on trail, I developed a hip injury and was forced to come back to Atlanta and put this dream of mine on hold for the foreseeable future. In short, the injury is know as bursitis and is an overuse injury. What likely happened is that I injured my hip before coming off of trail in June for the weddings and then when I got back on trail it got extremely aggravated by the extreme increase in activity. Right now I am on a few supplements, am seeing an awesome chiropractor and am doing my best to stretch and do light activity but nothing like what I need to be able to do on trail.

Now for the fun stuff.

I walked 1156.4 miles. I spent almost exactly 3 months In the woods, I walked farther than I ever thought possible. I discovered things about myself that I never thought I would. I learned what it means to lean into things that you are passionate about regardless of how hard it is. I grew more than I know how to put it into words and it wouldn’t have been possible without this trail. I am so blessed to have had this time to focus on chasing this dream.

I can’t even begin to thank everyone on here that has read along with me and supported me. I am so glad that I got to share this journey with so many amazing people.

I want to give you a final update on Holt’s House and the incredible resources that we were able to help provide to that amazing ministry. When I started this journey I was hoping to raise $1 for every mile I was planning on walking. Over all we have now raised more than $3,000 dollars, far surpassing my wildest dreams. Every single person that donated played a vital role in this success. As a result of everyone’s generosity, Chris and Abby have been able to purchase hundreds of books and a few laptops with software for English class for a few of the boys. Again, I want to say thank you to everyone for making this possible.

Final thoughts:

No, I didn’t make it to Katahdin. Yes, I accomplished more than I ever thought I would. I am so proud of myself for everything I accomplished and I can’t wait to keep chasing this dream over the years as I have time.

Would I do it all over again? In a heartbeat.

4 thoughts on “Bittersweet Update

  1. So incredibly proud of you!!!! You accomplished way more than you hoped for on the first half of the trail!!!! God has used you in a mighty way to help Holt House. Blessings abound in so many ways!


  2. Remy, it was a pleasure to know and hike with you. I’m glad you made the call to heal up, the rest of the trail is waiting for you when you are ready! I’m about to enter the 100-mile wilderness and should summit Katahdin on 7/23, I’ll give you a shout out and prayer at the top for a future finish!


    • Sharkbait! (Oo Ha Ha)
      The pleasure is all mine, I will always remember seeing that first tick and also that huge oak tree with you!😂

      Happy trails and leave a rock up on top!

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