Send Me Stuff

So you want to send me stuff…

I would love help in getting resupplied while I am on the trail.  Balancing the need for food with the weight in my pack is a major concern.  Most hikers can’t carry more than 4-5 days worth of food at one time so that means we have to stop often to resupply.

If you are sending things, keep in mind that anything you send me, I have to carry.  Food should be non-perishable and sealed as well as small and easy to carry.  Also, sending to post offices in towns far from the trail means that I have to hitch a ride or walk a far distance.  So, try and let me know you are sending things and pick a location as close to the trail as possible.

Send the package several days ahead of my pace to make sure I don’t walk past the package before it arrives.  You can coordinate that with me.  Just text me at 770-826-0219.

Here are a few resources to help you know where to send things.  Look for stores, hostels or post offices listed and call ahead to make sure they will accept packages.

Major Resupply Points On The AT

Resupply Plan


On the package put the following: